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The Connected Council is a Cloud Collective initiative developed to support councils throughout the challenges of the amalgamation process.

A council platform designed to address the challenges inherent to amalgamation, empowering teams to Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Change as they work together to become a single "Connected Council".

Connected Council via Cloud Collective utilise

  • Cloud-based and on-premises Microsoft Infrastructure.
  • Cloud-based and on-premises Microsoft productivity platforms.
  • Multi-vector skills programs that provide Technical, Productivity and Change Enablement for council staff.

Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Change

The success of amalgamation will rely on people having the ability to Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Change.

Our framework

A three layer approach consisting of Efficient Infrastructure, Productivity Platforms and Productivity Skills enablement.

The Efficient Infrastructure layer and Productivity platforms are delivered through Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with additional IP from Quorum, Antares and Modality Systems.

People enablement and Change management structures are required to ensure that new platforms and processes are adopted and consumed long term, delivered by the Cloud Collective.

The Cloud Collective's aim is to help councils construct platforms that enable them to connect easily, collaborate quickly, communicate better and adopt change faster resulting in an overall seamless amalgamation.

Our clients

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Our partnership

The Cloud Collective partners have over ten years’ business experience delivering complex projects for private and public organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

We have successfully implemented many Government projects and take great pride in our ability to work within tight time frames, adapt to change and provide advice and direction to support our clients to achieve optimal results.Our combined Microsoft Partner accreditations provide assurance around the quality of work we consistently deliver.

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